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Polycarbonate Chair Mats - Warranty & Care

Please be careful with your chair mat. Use only water to keep it healthy. Ten year warranty does not cover chemical damage e.g. from incompatible cleaners above, or from potent chemicals put into carpets below (anti–staining, cleaning etc). Aggressiv

Great Yoga Wall Instructions

The yoga wall is designed around Great Yoga Wall's patented ball-and-socket hardware system. You mount the spring-loaded socket wall plate into 3/4" (19mm) hardwood veneer plywood. The wall belts and bars snap into the wall plates with a brass ball.

Standard Economy Grey Stripe Blanket Care Instructions

**Care Instructions for Your Blankets**. To maintain the quality and longevity of your blankets, please follow these guidelines:. 1. **Washing**: Always use cold water and a mild detergent. For the first wash, we recommend hand washing with cold wate

ENSO Pearl Timer Instruction Manual

Please see the attached Getting Started Guide and Instructions.