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Polycarbonate Chair Mats - Warranty & CareUpdated 7 months ago

Please be careful with your chair mat. Use only water to keep it healthy. Ten year warranty does not cover chemical damage e.g. from incompatible cleaners above, or from potent chemicals put into carpets below (anti–staining, cleaning etc). Aggressive chemicals cause damage to most items in this world and with these chair mats it will eventually show up as a crazed cracking. Instructions come with the mat that you should only use water with the mat.

Care Instructions

You need only clean your mat with water, and a little neutral soap if necessary. It is best for mats not be lifted at all during a chemical carpet clean (the area under a mat should not be dirty anyway), in case the area under the mat is cleaned, use only water and if need be spot selectively and rinse with water, then wait at least a few days (such as a week-end) before replacing mat. In case of a flood requiring chemical clean, please make sure the area under the mat is then rinsed with water and remember the base and underlay may still be damp so best to wait at least a week for complete drying before mat replacement. Of course, never use chairs with sharp steel wheels or laden mat with furniture / machinery which could have sharp edges. Damage of this type is not considered taking care of your mat and is not covered by warranty.

Chemical Damage (Excluded from Warranty)

Chair mat as below showing large cracks from spike to spike in rough form and lots of small cracks mainly in the flexed area. A lot of small cracks are mere crazes, as they do not go through the sheet thickness. This kind of cracking is ONLY from a chemical reaction due to chemically incompatible products. Typical here could be a brand new carpet still laden with manufacturing chemicals that have not yet evaporated, (e.g. stain resistant chemicals), cockroach/crawling insect spray, harsh cleaners used above, or a carpet cleaner where the chair mat is relayed whilst the carpet is still wet and potent. Cracks work like capillary systems where they take up more product. In the end the chairmat can fully degrade. Whilst this sort of cracking by chemicals is not claimable, in case this type of cracking starts to appear we suggest you attempt to save your mat by immediately washing the carpet and mat base with water only to rid the potency, and let it dry thoroughly over several days before replacing your mat.

Overload Damage (Covered by Warranty)

Spike failure may be due to a weakness in the mat due to forces from the rolling forces of a wheeled chair, weight per wheel and number of movements. This type of damage should not occur. We do not cover damage caused by metal castors.

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