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Standard Economy Grey Stripe Blanket Care InstructionsUpdated 2 months ago

**Care Instructions for Your Blankets**

To maintain the quality and longevity of your blankets, please follow these guidelines:

1. **Washing**: Always use cold water and a mild detergent. For the first wash, we recommend hand washing with cold water. If using a machine, select a delicate cycle with cold water.

2. **Drying**: Ideally, line dry your blankets. If using a dryer, use the air fluff setting only. Excessive heat can damage acrylic and polyester materials, leading to fraying and damage along the edges.

3. **Preventing Excess Fluff**: New blankets may have excess fluff initially. Rinse them in cold water before use to remove any excess material. Use a clean tennis ball in the dryer to help with shedding, and remember to clean your lint trap regularly.

4. **Lint Control**: Wash with slightly warmer water to tighten fibers, but avoid excessive heat. Adding a bit of fabric softener can help fibers glide smoothly during washing, reducing friction and lint.

5. **Drying Tips**: Line drying helps blankets tighten after washing and controls lint. If using a dryer, minimal heat can also tighten fibers, but avoid high heat initially. Using a tennis ball in the dryer helps pull out loose fibers and reduces shedding.

Please note:

- **Avoid Commercial Washing Machines**: These can damage woven blankets.

- **No Bleach or Ironing**: Do not use bleach or iron your blankets.

- **Non-Returnable**: Blankets with pulled threads are non-returnable.

- **Responsibility Disclaimer**: We are not liable for damages resulting from incorrect washing or drying.

Following these instructions will prolong the life of your blankets and minimize shedding, ensuring they remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

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